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Exploring Modern Indonesian Art

The Collection of dr Oei Hong Djien

By Dr. Helena Spanjaard

Art & Collecting Art

A Collection Of Writings

By dr. Oei Hong Djien

Five Maestros Modern Indonesian Art

Affandi | S. Sudjojono | Hendra Gunawan | H. Widayat | Soedibio

By dr. Oei Hong Djien


OHD Museum Blog

OHD Museum is a modern and contemporary art museum owned by dr Oei Hong Djien (OHD). As a well-known art collector, curator, honorary-advisor to Singapore Art Museum, dr Oei Hong Djien started his collections in early 1970s.

Currently, with a vast collection of more than 2000 artworks, ranging from paintings, sculptures, installations and ceramics from different time periods, OHD Museum is located on Jalan Jenggolo 14, in the city of Magelang Central Java – Indonesia.