This Sapiens Free arts exhibition is believed to be an arts project that reconciles us with the world, not with the protests, irony, or political figure of speech, but with the aesthetical contemplation about beauty, pleasure, and wisdom of the environment, fauna, and still-life, and even the abstraction of thoughts and feelings.


It’s here where the beautiful arts offer us a glance of the universe allowing us to move with no tension. The universe is not the world as is, but an imaginary world overcoming hunger or our manly passion over something meaningful, not something hostile or indifferent. That’s the worldly nirvana whose gates are open not by physical facts but by presentiment.


This situation has brought us to imagine a world without human—a world free from Homo sapiens—this situation might be useful as the pause to contemplate our existential presence through the artworks anchored in non-human forming.


As expected, this exhibition features paintings, statues, and arts video, the artworks of 49 Indonesian artists coming from different eras, the living and the deceased.  Thus we invited 22 still active artists. We did this on an on-the-spot in-depth visit (or blusukan in Javanese); we made a social call to artists’ studio especially to those in Yogyakarta, to come in and discover the artworks as well as carefully exchanging ideas with the artists  in a considerable time during the day, late afternoon or evening over the last two months.  That’s why, we must say that this exhibition is possibly held thanks to the contribution, ideas, relationship quality, and conversation entwined among the artists, curators, and collectors having aesthetical aspiration related to the curatorial idea with this exhibition.  In the jargon of arts curating, such collaboration is called bottom up curatorial.    


In the meanwhile, we also selected the artworks of the remaining 27 artists from within thousands of OHD Museum collection, making the number of exhibited works 58.  We then think the best way is to put their artworks side by side. This then allows the audiences to understand and instill all artworks in this exhibition as the landscape of pleasure; the landscape offering aesthetical variations and nuances as well as sustainable artistic kinship of the creativity stories of Indonesian artists from the era of Affandi (1907-1990) with the legendary masterpiece, to the era of Erizal As (b. 1979) with the current artworks full of freshness, spirit, and youthful energy.


Saturday, May 28, 2016
5 PM until finished
at OHD museum

Guest of Honour:
Ms. Emi Eu
Director STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore